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 on: Today at 03:25:17 PM 
Started by Bluegrass Wood Burner - Last post by Bluegrass Wood Burner
My return temps are good. I'm loosing around 8 degrees in my exchanger. The problems I have been having are indeed caused by poor mixing of water inside my boiler. I bought an Armstrong pump today and am gonna mount it to pump water from bottom to top. I'm wandering if I should let that pump be controlled by a aquastat that is monitoring water temps of the supply water. If supply water drops to a set temp let the pump kick in and run until temps come back up on supply side. This would save some electricity and save life of a second pump. What's your thoughts on this? Should I just let it run constantly? Also I'm thing of putting a filter on with this pump so water can be filtered while circulating.

 on: Today at 04:54:54 AM 
Started by userdk - Last post by E Yoder
VA Farm Show was the coldest show I've ever done I think. Bitter wind Wed and Thurs.  G1 purred along running a 1200 cfm blower nonstop. Lots of interest this year. GS models are really taking off.

 on: Today at 02:12:17 AM 
Started by Maple Mike - Last post by Roger2561
Mike, The times where I've completely overloaded the firebox and had too much of a coal/ash bed, I've simply loaded less than I previously did, or I would let it burn down a bit before adding more wood for the next 12 hour cycle.  This warm spell (upper 20's) we're getting makes it difficult on me to put in less wood than I did when it was extremely cold, I'm afraid the fire will go out and I know it won't.  It's a psychological thing with me.  Roger

Funny, I do the same thing. When temps hit 20 degrees after a prolonged subzero stretch, it takes me a couple days before I quit overloading the stove the wood.

You're lucky you're able to cut back after a couple of days, it lasts for at least a couple of weeks for me.  Roger

 on: January 19, 2018, 09:42:21 PM 
Started by d5knapp - Last post by mlappin
Right at this particular moment, Iím looking at an outlay of about $50 to build a monitor based on the raspberry pi zeroWH board. Will have four temp probes and two thermocouples, a friend is a code monkey and heíll handle that part.

 on: January 19, 2018, 08:50:30 PM 
Started by coolidge - Last post by juddspaintballs
I bought my own tank this summer and installed it myself.  It took A LOT of calling around to find someone that would actually sell me a tank other than the company that already had a leased tank on my property.  The local company had a 330 gallon tank on the property from 1984 that has been here since 1985 and never serviced.  Original regulators, the secondary would only put out about 10.5" WC so it was worn out.  They wanted $1400 to leave that leased tank here and call it mine. 

I got a 500 gallon refurbished tank for $350 I think and they gave me half off on the first fill.  Prices were down during the summer.  IIRC, I was around $800 for the tank and propane, plus the $150 I spent on the 100' of buried coated copper line and both regulators.  I paid a buddy with a ditch witch $50 to dig a trench.  All for about $1000, I got my own 500 gallon tank installed and the propane to go with it.  I can buy from anyone I want to, but I'll probably stick with Southern States since they seem to have the best prices around here. 

I run the furnace in the fall and spring when I don't need heat every day.  It's a lot easier than building a fire every few days.  My stove is also propane.  I'll wait until I need at least 250 gallons to top off since the propane guy said it's cheaper to buy in bulk like that.  I was going to only buy a 250 gallon tank, but the propane guy at Southern States talked me into a 500 gallon tank due to the buy in bulk argument and the fact that the bigger tank was only $50 more. 

I'll also buy during the summer.  It should be a few years before I need to top off. 

 on: January 19, 2018, 08:24:40 PM 
Started by Radio Tech1964 - Last post by d5knapp
wow that's cheap

 on: January 19, 2018, 08:01:41 PM 
Started by Maple Mike - Last post by Maple Mike
Hello everyone, this is my first post.
So I have an e-classic 1400 that I bought new in 2010 and for the most part has been working great. This season I noticed a trickle of smoke from the chimney when itís not running. Never did this before. When I open the firebox door I get blasted with so much thick white smoke. Again never did this before.  The coals are glowing around the hole in the bottom and hollowing out the coal bed. So Iím assuming I have an air leak in the secondary air tube. Iíve checked the elbows and rubber hose and they look good, and the disc on top of the elbow is fine also. I pulled the refractory target and metal box out and everything looks great (I have installed the updated refractory that eliminates the 3 metal rods). Also replaced the firebox door gasket, reaction chamber door gasket and bypass door gasket.
Now to the creasote. The box the houses the solenoids is caked with creasote, so bad that itís very difficult to open the door. The primary elbow and tube was almost half full of soft tar with some watery creasote. The secondary air tube had a little creasote but was of a drier form.

As far as performance, I can get reaction temps that average 1200-1400, and it gets there quickly. Iíve seen it as high as 1540 this year.
My wood is two years seasoned and all hardwood and load every 12hrs.
Anyone have any ideas on this air leak?
Sorry for being so long, but wanted to give as much info as I could

Thank you

Where you located, Mike? 

Where are you located Roger?

 on: January 19, 2018, 07:52:06 PM 
Started by Maple Mike - Last post by Maple Mike
Just got home from work, weíve been real busy so I havenít had time to do anything with the boiler. Have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning then after that I plan on changing out the secondary elbow. Iím not feeding the boiler full tonight so that I can give it a full cleaning tomorrow.
When I ordered the the new stainless elbow I forgot to order the stainless disc, so Iíll have to fab something. Totally spaced it.
Anyway, thank you all for your advice
I will keep you all informed with my results


 on: January 19, 2018, 07:24:23 PM 
Started by coolidge - Last post by E Yoder
Talked to store manager that sells propane at the farm show today. Price keeps rising , Feb weather will decide where the peak is.
Be glad you burn wood. !

 on: January 19, 2018, 07:05:14 PM 
Started by coolidge - Last post by coolidge
Sorry,   Northern Tool

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