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We had a very bad experience with our wood burner Not at all happy with company and wondering if there is any information or actions for global hydrontics???  :bash:

Global Hydronics / Re: Hawken Energy/Global Hydronics
« on: April 14, 2013, 06:09:59 AM »
We have a Hawkins Energy gh2000 however it's guts were made by Global hydronics..... No problems for 6 years  then BAM over night which I now know were a long time coming but firebox just filled with water. called Hawkins told not their problem call global hydronics.  What a JOKE!!!! they don't produce that model anymore they will refabricate this model for us but not until may but we need to pay upfront the difference in cost/warranty. then pay for shipping plus have some one take off truck plusthen get to reinstall. Here is another insult to injury. Then the warranty doesn't restart on the new one it just continues from my original purchase. so another 9000.00 plus for an outdoor wood burner. Any suggestions for a replacement wood boiler????? :bash:

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