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Author Topic: One of those days  (Read 1862 times)


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One of those days
« on: November 07, 2017, 09:07:21 PM »

Was messing around with the waste oil burner some more today, then got sidetracked and forgot to add wood to the G200. By time I caught it the coals were gone (ash sucks). Had enough charred wood in it that a wad of shipping paper got it going in short order.

Then was reassembling the drive assembly for the unloading auger on the corn combine. Was picking the other night and had a horrible howl to it that would come and go, never found the offending bearing but it did act like it wanted to lock up a few times turning it by hand. Previous owner must have left it outside a lot. Everything was stuck enough ended up cutting all the bearings out with the gas axe. Anyways, got the cross shaft installed, installed the bearings, installed the required shims, installed the pulley, then seen I forgot to install the bolts for the bearing retainer, had to disassemble to get the bolts in. Donít recall why, but the service manual for the other combine (identical assembly) says the bolts must be installed from the inside out.

Combine by Marty Lappin, on Flickr

Then since the new flighting showed up today installed that as well. Got it slid on the tube then looked at it awhile and decided didnít like it and it needed flipped end to end. Got it apart, finally and slid it on after flipping it end to end. SH*T, was better the other way, got it off again and reinstalled the way I had it the first time. Had half a section of flight left over so reinforced the end that was hid that had a hole wore thru it.

Combine by Marty Lappin, on Flickr
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