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Title: Helpful contact for Cadillac boiler owners
Post by: savebigmny on September 19, 2019, 01:28:56 PM
Northern Steel MFG is no longer around and I happened upon a boiler on Craigslist that looks EXACTLY like mine but had the name Johnson on it.  https://johnsonoutdoorwoodfurnaces.com/index.html (https://johnsonoutdoorwoodfurnaces.com/index.html)

I called and Howard the owner answered, he was very helpful and shared some information on the unit which as it turns out was a former employee of his that left and began making his own that were pretty much identical.  He said the only things that changed for the most part was that later Cadillac boilers had digital controllers that were not that reliable and are not available anymore so he has done some conversions.  Mine is just basic aquastats so no issue for me there.  He must be a pretty small outfit, he said he sells 75-80 a year.

Anyway if you need a contact for parts or assistance with a Cadillac boiler he is a nice guy that took the time to answer my questions.