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Title: How's Everyone's Legend Holding Up?
Post by: capon3 on November 20, 2020, 01:24:51 AM
The last post in this thread was about 3 years ago and was just curious how everyone's Legend is holding up. I am on my 10th year with my 4135 and it's doing pretty good. I had to have a leak in the firebox welded about 2 years ago and the cleanout door on the back is starting to rust through in one spot, other than that its holding up. I have done some other things that have nothing to do with the stove; the main and costliest thing being replacing the underground wrapped lines with Rehau foam filled lines this summer. It had became saturated with groundwater. Doing this I decided to abandon the domestic hot water coil in the stove and install a 20 plate exchanger and I must say I wish I would've done this from the beginning.