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Author Topic: low water volume and effect on operation  (Read 7943 times)


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Re: low water volume and effect on operation
« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2012, 11:43:49 PM »

If you want to know more about storage or buffer tanks goto Lochinvar site and read the spec and sizing info on their buffer tanks. Also another good place is Caleffi and their video on them, think of storage tank as a giant hydraulic separator. You can kill many birds with 1 device. Air -dirt- hydraulic separator all in a buffer tank. The amount of volume in relation to the volume of your in-house piping and heat loss are factors on how long the boiler will go between cycles. 76 gallons is actually a fair amount to alot for an average house of 1800-2000 sqft. By adding more storage if calculated correctly, which many do not, you can have 12 - 48 hours between burn times. More is not always better, if you read some threads , you'll find some have a hard time or never can maintain their 1000gal or more storage tanks at or above 160*. Not good if your system was meant for 180*.  How you pipe your boiler is just as critical to making good use of the water you have. Every boiler( except mod/cons) that I am aware of requires return temp protection in the way of a boiler bypass or mixing valve bypass. We always use a boiler bypass ( just a ball valve or balancing valve adjusted for DT 20* like most I&O manuals suggest) unless the boiler volume is a much higher percentage of the overall system volume and it takes too long for return temp to climb above 120-130* condensate temps.


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