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Author Topic: ??? for u NC boiler guys  (Read 2594 times)


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??? for u NC boiler guys
« on: March 21, 2016, 03:06:10 PM »

I own a AQ275 coal one boiler that I have been modifying...  s I have watched a couple walk thur's on the 175 model ... The inside of your boiler is round like mine , with a 6" chimmy coming out the top ...BUT your pipe comes down inside the stove...how far?? Mine has a 1" flange that is Inside the boiler, ..that I believe should come down 6" or more / the idea being that the heat/smoke will have to do a little work before it can just "shoot" out the HOLE IN THE ROOF.    :).....so how do u feel it works?? Yours has a water jacket around it  mine will not,does it get in the way when tossing in wood?...
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Re: ??? for u NC boiler guys
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2016, 02:30:57 PM »

The pipe goes down about 3/4 of the way. (depends on the model) The part under the water jacket is open on the back.
It works fairly well and is a simple design. There are a lot of brands that do it that way but as far as I know Nature's COmfort is the only one with the water jacket around the pipe.

It does use up some space in the firebox but it also makes the back wall of the firebox much stronger because of the rounded water jacket than it would be if it were just flat steel.


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Re: ??? for u NC boiler guys
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2017, 12:19:42 AM »

I can't tell you if it works or not but I can tell you that it is a PITA to clean around it.
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