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I have just purchased a C 375 and am looking at options to unload the stove and move it around to its resting place. The trailer it is on has a ramp and i have used it to move my previous stove from trailer to pad, and back to trailer when i sold the stove. I am have envisioned 3" angle iron welded on the feet in place of the small pads that are factory installed. The runners would be the full length of the stove for stability. I would cut reliefs in the ends of the angle and bend them upward with heat to form raised ends. This would enable me to drag the stove behind the tractor around the yard and up on the pad. I do realize that the stove was designed with the ability to be transported by pallet forks and by overhead lift but i dont have the means to utilize either option, i am able to fabricate and the steel is available.

Equipment / My logsplitte build. With pics as i go.
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:23:57 AM »
So I decided to get busy on building a new splitter. The original unit I use was made by my father 25 yrs ago and is still going strong but I am splitting wood for three stoves and need more productivity. I looked at the big names in splitters and just cant spend $6-10k on a unit especially when I am a not running a commercial firewood service. I hope to be able to post pics as I go in hopes to give ideas or get feedback on the build.


General Outdoor Furnace Discussion / Pics of my install
« on: October 24, 2012, 06:54:48 PM »

Thanks to all who have given such great advice.

I have been reading these posts for several months now and have recently joined. My installation is complete and i thought i would post some pics of the progress. The pictures are in no particular order.

The furnace has had a fire in it for a week now and i love it. It is heating my 3000 sf house and heating my hot water, and man is it hot.

I tried to post my pics directly to the forum but they are too large and i have too many.

Happy Heating


General Outdoor Furnace Discussion / Anyone tried demeralized water?
« on: October 17, 2012, 06:19:26 PM »
This is my first post.

    This site has been very informative and i enjoy reading all the posts. I am currently wrapping up my install on a Tennessee Outdoor Furnace, model 400. I have access to water that has been processed through a Softening system, R.O. System and then Mixed Bed Demineralizers. It is turbine steam grade demin. Silica is less than 2 ug/l, Conductivity is under .5 uS and ph is around 9. The level of Calcium hardness is undetectable. I have two gallons of treatment supplied by the manufacturer and am wondering if i should add all of it. The stove is carbon steel and its capacity is 400 gal. The manufacturer boasts less than 3 gallons of make up per season, so if that is accurate, dilution should not be an issue. Has anyone tried this?

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