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Title: Water Level Indicator
Post by: terpjr on January 06, 2018, 10:27:06 AM
Went out to the furnace yesterday morning and green water light was off.  I assumed I was low on water (evaporation does that) but 3 gallons had it overflowing out of the stand pipe.  Light was still off.

So, I would assume the LED had burned out but...that is not the most likely scenario...I had to replace the ETC unit last year...(had a structural in a small building near the furnace, melted the digital display of the ETC and badly deformed it)...I still have the leftover parts and once the outside temps get back above 0, I am going to replace it with the still function LED indicator from the old one...assuming that the LED still does not come on (which if it does come on, problem solved, I will call the company that I bought the ETC from and ask for a replacement since it malfunctioned after less than a year) the issue must be in the float assembly.

So my question is the actual float assembly...where on the furnace is it, how do I remove/access it, any hints/tips?  This is one part of the furnace I am not yet familiar with...

Title: Re: Water Level Indicator
Post by: greendohn on January 28, 2019, 04:47:56 AM
I have a 4400 model, guessing they are pretty much all the same.

The "Float Level" is found on the top of the water jacket, toward the front of the unit.

The metal has to be removed and the batt insulation, as well.
Because of the Control Panel, I'd remove the Right side metal, as you look at the stove.

A large Crescent wrench/adjustable wrench will remove the bung/float assembly, it has a wire coming out of it.