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General Outdoor Furnace Discussion / 5 wrap pex melting snow
« on: January 28, 2015, 03:14:44 PM »
 I have 5 wrap going to the  boiler and right were I spliced the 100 foot rolls together from there to the boiler the  snow is melting. Its barried 3 feet deep so I know im loosing heat like crazy. I have a good pic but this piece of sheet site won't let me post the pic? Im not loosing water in the boiler. Any ideas?

I did the update kit to my boiler today. It was straight forward and easy. I used a 3" cut off wheel, cordless impact, cordless drill, about 6 drill bits lol, small hammer,punch,screwdrivers, 5/16 socket, high temp rtv, neversieze, cordless sawsall. First you need to take the sheet metal off the side of the boiler. I used the cordless impact and 5/16 socket for this. After that is done peel out the insulation and set it out so you know were it goes back. Its kinda like a puzzle so its hard to screw up.

Sooooo. If you look in the pro fab section I have a empyre pro series 200 and after 4 months the fire box developed a couple holes. Well I have since been sent the "fix" for the fire box. Im not thrilled at ALL about the freakin fix. I have to take the boiler apart. Take the side covers off, Insulation, then cut most of the blower box off and screw this stainless "fix" to some steel thats still attatched to the boiler. So what happens to the steel that I leave attached when it rott's out like the original box that lasted a sweet 4 months? So this boiler has a great warranty right? :bash: If i paid ten grand for a new car and the exhaust rotted off in 4 months would the factory warranty fix it and install a new exhaust for free? Every car i've ever bought would have!!!! Im waiting on the call back to some of my questions but Im guessing the warranty is a fookin joke on my boiler. Im sorry. I want to cuss so bad about them right now. Pro fab has been horrible. Takes freakin 3-4 months to get my warranty claim through? Are you kiddin me. Im sure as freakin glad its not in the winter!!!! All yea the new pro 200's are all stainless. Sorry you missed out on them in a few months on buying yours. WOW. 50$ is alot in my world. 10,000$ is a sheet ton. I Truley dont feel that this thing is going to last long like alot of other boilers. Yes, It doesn't use alot of wood. Who gives to sheets if it don't last more than 4 months every time you have to fix metal on it!!!! So they expect me to put this fix on my boiler? Im wondering since im doing my own warranty work on this freakin thing if they are going to pay me for my time that I will have in fixing it myself?????

Empyre / Empyre 200 issues like others.
« on: April 24, 2014, 05:47:13 PM »
Well....Today I decided to clean the stove for the summer. After taking the blower motor off and the air flap I found what appeared to be the same holes as others. Sucks I spent over 12 grand on a system to find this out after a few months of use :bash: :bash: :bash: :bash: Pro fab def has some serious problems with this. As you seen in the other guys post. I heat 1507 sqft  with a full walk out basement 9 ft ceilings. Almost always loaded twice a day. Specially after seeing the 400 do the same thing. Prob a 16 times or so I went more than 14 hours on a burn time. Rant over. Time to turn it up a bit and drink  :o

Fire Wood / Scored a lot of ash. Some honey locus, Hickory, elm
« on: March 06, 2014, 04:18:13 PM »
scored this last monday and saturday!  Should be enough for almost a year already :thumbup:

General Outdoor Furnace Discussion / empyre pro series 200
« on: February 27, 2014, 03:18:55 PM »
Love the boiler. Sips on wood. Easy maintance. BUT, Not long after I got the boiler the draft door stuck. After that haven't had any trouble. This morning at 12:30 a.m. I woke up to the furnace not shutting off and cool air out the vents. Went to the basement and sure enough luke warm pex coming in the house. It was 14.1* outside. Went down with my service truck in case I needed tools. Once again draft door stuck shut. I pecked it with a piece of wire and wa la. DRAFT. Woke up again to the same thing at 5:00 a.m. Did the same thing. wa la draft. Came home at 10:30 a.m. and everything was ok. Took a flat head screw driver and worked the door back and forth a few times. Everything seemed fine and free. Just came up from the boiler and just got home (5:00 p.m.) Everything fine again. Talk about frusterating!!!!!! RANT OVER!

Just watchin my furnace burn and was wondering about the stuff I had seen at TSC the other day. Kwik creosote canisters and things. Anyways, Anyone use anything like this? How about burning beer/ pop cans? The guys around me burn pop cans a couple here and there and says it helps? They burn completly up too. I thought about tryin something to see if it helped clean the tubes alittle but didn't want to use something that would damage anything either. I know alot of people also use a bunch of cardboard. I tried that but the furnace got so hot so fast it shuts off before it burns it all up. Then you have a mess. I went 8 hours on cardboard and two pieces of wood the other day lol.

Empyre / empyre pro 200 first impressions!
« on: November 27, 2013, 04:02:14 PM »
I have seen hardy's, CB 5036, and two central boiler gasifiers (which were my next choice) I ended up choosing a emypre pro series. (I will post pics of house and setup once I find the computer cable) My house is 1507 sqft ranch with full walkout basement. Boiler is about 225 feet away from the house. I can put 9 pieces all a  mix of split's which are about 5" by 26" long. and rounds about 6-7" in di and prob 30" long in it and it is full! The first night I tried to make a bridge effect just to see how forgiving it was with the mix above and what I call pancake rounds. Rounds that are about 3-5" long and about 6" in diameter. After 15 hours on the first firing the firebox was about 1/4 of the way full. Today I filled it up at 9:15a.m. and just came back from the boiler and it was still alittle more than 3/4's full!!!!! It just sipps wood!!!!! I can't believe it. Almost no smoke at all. Sometimes you think its completely out. My wood is well seasoned and dry also. Hot water is HOT! Shower water is fine though. Our showers have mixing valves so they are tamed down form our faucets. More to come.

I have only delt with Scott on this forum so only speaking for him. Scott has helped me since around May with pricing,buying installing up until present. He always had a answer or called me back whenever he could. Gave me fair prices on everything. I know i've been a pain in the rear with all my questions and texts and he has never let me down. Thanks again Scott!!!! I hope to give you more business around my area!!!! btw I installed a empyre pro series 200 and its been unbelievable but that will be another post in the empyre section soon!

General Outdoor Furnace Discussion / mixing valve?
« on: November 18, 2013, 05:56:13 PM »
How many on here have a mixing valve? Everyone I know with a OWB locally don't have a mixing valve. Just wondering.

Empyre / spare parts for a failure?
« on: October 30, 2013, 04:42:16 AM »
I have a pro series 200. What are some of the parts you guys keep on hand incase something were to fail? Pump(s), aquastat? Just trying to get a idea. Thanks, Eric

I just got a email about this. Is this true? That sucks that I just put a down payment on a boiler that won't be made anymore.

After  a couple years of searching and looking tommorrow I am sending a check to Scott for a empyre pro 200 for my new house. Thanks Scott for all your help and working with me! Very helpful man!

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