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Home Made / Homemade hot air system
« on: April 08, 2020, 10:25:09 AM »
So I have been trying to find a way to heat my shop with an outdoor furnace and have looked into boilers and hot air systems. I lean towards a hot air system since it will only be used when I want to work in the shop, not continuously, and I think it would heat up faster. I would put a wood burner in the shop but I don't want to take up the space. One thing I considered was buying a small metal shed and putting a wood stove inside of it and insulating the walls really well. Then I could put a blower in the shed and connect a supply and return duct between the shed and the shop and blow the heat into the shop. Has anyone ever tried such an arrangement?

I'd love to heat the house with the same boiler but they are a good 350' apart. I'm in Northern Ohio so I'll have to have anti-freeze for sure. I have found a few hot air units including Air Stove made here in Ohio. I think I will eventually put a boiler on the house too but I just don't see where I can put a unit to service both buildings. What are your thoughts on heat cycling on these outdoor units especially boilers? How quickly do you think a low volume boiler would take to heat up enough to make good heat. It's not like I would need instant heat but I'd rather not wait 3 hours or something to get hot air. I do know it would be a lot easier to poke a couple of small pipes through the back wall than figure how to run a couple 12" ducts through the wall.

General Outdoor Furnace Discussion / Looking at outdoor heater options
« on: March 31, 2020, 12:37:43 PM »
I'm looking at options for heating a work shop. Its 35'x40' with 12' ceilings, all insulated.  I would like to have a heating system that is outside the building to avoid taking up floor space inside and I think my insurance company would like that. I have looked at boilers and forced air system. I don't plan to heat the building 24/7 only when I plan to be out there a while so this would be intermittent use I guess. So I'm interested in suggestions. Is an outdoor system a bad idea? I was thinking FA would heat up a lot quicker. A single supply duct and return duct with a simple grate on the wall where it comes through would probably suffice to heat it up pretty well.

I have considered a boiler but it would need antifreeze in the system. It would be easier to run a couple water lines through the wall to an exchanger and fan of some sort. I'm just not sure this is a good application for a boiler though. It would take longer to heat up I assume and I don't know how it would like the heating cycles over time. Any insights or ideas that you may have would be appreciated. Thanks

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