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Author Topic: Aquastat for Indoor Boiler Pump  (Read 703 times)


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Aquastat for Indoor Boiler Pump
« on: December 27, 2017, 07:17:03 AM »

Im sure this is a real basic question and probably answered before but I cannot seem to find an exact answer. I currently have a honewell strap on aquastat that controls my forced air blower in the original part of our house. So far this has worked great for my setup this winter (first winter with a wood boiler).

Now, I also have baseboard heating in the addition to our house which I used a plate exchanger to heat the water before it enters an indoor propane boiler. With this setup I did not add an aquastat or any other controller and as expected it does start the LP jets for a short period of time when it calls for heat. From what I can tell the jets do not run for long but it is clearly still using some LP for this short period of time to bring the water temp up and my goal is to completely cut out propane usage.

Can I simply use another "Strap-on aquastat" and use it to control the circulation pump and keep the indoor boiler from using propane unless the line is cold or is there another option that works better for this application? With my forced air wiring there were 3 wires (R,B,W) but from what I can tell with the LP Boiler, there are only 2 wires running from the thermostat to the boiler.