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Author Topic: Husq. 576xp AutoTune  (Read 454 times)


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Husq. 576xp AutoTune
« on: June 17, 2019, 03:26:08 PM »

Anyone have anything to say about these guys?  I'm looking to upgrade my 460 Rancher (going to keep it around, but as a secondary and for smaller stuff).  I'm 100% going with Husky, on account of it's what I've used for years and trust.  My original dealer sold his business and I've since moved... so I can't have this conversation with him. 

Anyways - I'm really liking what I'm reading online about the 576xp AutoTune.  Most everyone has something positive to say.  I was originally interested in the 372xp, but after doing some more looking and reading, I reckon I landed on the 576xpAT.    Has anyone used them, or worked on them, or noticed big issues with them? 

I strictly cut for firewood and really just want to make my life easier with a faster/bigger saw than the 460.  I'm going to get a 28" bar for felling and larger bucking, but I'll also have a 24" & 18" bar also.  All 3/8" x 0.050".  I do my own sharpening and maintenance. 

Really just looking to see if anyone has their own $.02 to throw in before I lay down the cash.  Is there a better option?

Husqvarna - Rancher 460, 18"
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